“A million zeros added up, unfortunately does not add up to one.” -C.G.Jung

Archetypes have existed with humanity for many millennia through various cultures. They were keenly explored by legendary psychiatrist & psychoanalyst Carl Jung. The archetype can be defined as psychic patterns of the human mind seen through symbolic imagery. Archetypes are constantly intertwined within our lives, as they not only influence our thoughts, our emotions, our behaviors but also the way we perceive the world. b{x} Spaces is pleased to present a group exhibition based on Jung’s ideas and concepts of the archetype. This exhibition titled, “A Million Zeros: The 21st Century Archetype”, explores themes of current human nature, contemporary societal mechanics and the mystery of self.

Jung viewed archetypes as being “mythological motifs” of our human experience. “There are as many archetypes as there are typical situations in life”, wrote Jung. He states that, archetypes are universal archaic patterns and images that come from our “collective unconscious”, a reservoir of all human experience, including dreams and fantasies. Some writers even say the archetypes actually exist in our dna and their origins may also stem from our animal ancestry.

This exhibition seeks to explore ideas about our society and the archetypes through the lens of the figure in 21st century life. Curator G.Romero is bringing together a collection of artist from various locations including: Sergio Barrios from Venezuela and Michael Aitken from Minnesota both Brooklyn based artist. Cynthia Graps, Lizette Abraham, Victor Sandoval & Radharani Torres all from and based in Mexico City and Joe Lieske from Chicago but now based in Mexico. All of the works combine “the figure” with non traditional ways of viewing figurative work.

“A Million Zeros”, engages viewers in a visual discussion about the role of the archetype in our lives and how, perhaps lack of critical knowledge of the archetypes has led our society down a path of self destruction. Can it be said that we are becoming blinded by the comfort of 21st century living: a cuisine of plastic solutions, organic emptiness, on the edge of interconnected social meaninglessness?

The artist in this exhibition are a diverse voice offering a unique vision of the figure in contemporary art.



INRIVERS ARTSPACE | 20011-2012 | Brooklyn, NYC

InRivers Art Space was an experimental cultural art hub in the Greenpoint community of Brooklyn. Founded in the fall of 2011, InRivers was more than a gallery, it was a space for creation and inspiration. Not only did it showcase regular monthly exhibitions but it also facilitated movie nights, music concerts, an artist residency, special fundraising events including art workshops for families and kids. Though short lived, it had a definite impact in the lives of local artists and all who collaborated with the space. Some of the exhibiting artists included: Ali Aschman, Mayuko Fujino, Robert Bohn, Yeji Jun, Jeremiah Jones, Blaise Danio, Carolin Wood, Tim Kelley, Mark Pacheco, Yura Osborn, Rachel Kremidas and the Vanica Project.




“Magikally Delicious” were vibrant and shocking multimedia shows. Part gallery exhibition, part concert and full on freak show, these events showcased incredible artists working in video, sound and performance art. A full list of artists was not kept but anyone who came to these events is sure to remember the unique environments they were immersed in. Event venues included: Glasslands, The Market Hotel, Shea Stadium BK, and Party Expo.


OTHER CURATORIAL PROJECTS ( poster designs: G.Romero)