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IN RIVERS ARTSPACE  2011-2012 | Brooklyn, NYC

InRivers Art Space was an experimental and cultural art hub in the Greenpoint community of Brooklyn. Founded in the fall of 2011,  InRivers was more than a gallery, it was a space for creation and imagination. The space featured not only regular monthly exhibitions but it also engaged the community through movie nights, live concerts, artist-run fundraising events,  family art workshops and an artist residency.  Though short lived, it had a definite impact in the lives of local artists and all who collaborated with the space. A few of the exhibiting artists included: Ali Aschman, Mayuko Fujino, Robert Bohn, Yeji Jun, Jeremiah Jones, Blaise Danio, Carolin Wood, Tim Kelley, Mark Pacheco, Yura Osborn, Rachel Kremidas, Ellie Irons and the Vanica Project.  

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